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Virtual Workshop: Recreation & Relationships – November 26th 2020

All children, youth and adults benefit from being involved in recreation and leisure activities. Participation in recreational activities is necessary for healthy development, learning & developing friendships. Having friends is essential to creating a good life.Far too many individuals with developmental disabilities are not having the opportunity to be included in recreation or to develop a recreation identity that is based on individual interests and talents. Often parents fear their child will not be welcomed or well included, particularly in competitive activities or that extra funding and staffing is necessary. In this virtual interactive session, participants will have the opportunity to connect with inclusive recreation providers, gather information about current recreation COVID-19 protocols, and be introduced to successful strategies for achieving inclusive recreation. It is vitally important that children, youth and adults with disabilities have an array of opportunities to develop and share their strengths and passions, remain connected, and develop friendships, through recreation and leisure.

NOTE: This session focuses on parents, families and recreation providers. Community members, educators or others are welcome when attending along with parents of a child or individual they are including or plan to as the activities in the session focus on the individual. Presentations can be arranged for recreation providers or community organizations.

Kendall Ayrey
Inclusion Facilitator with Inclusion LloydminsterStacey Andrews
Senior Advocate with Inclusion Lloydminster & Inclusion AlbertaJoined with families and inclusive recreation providers who will share their experiences with accessing inclusive recreation and the difference this has made for their family and organization.

Location & Date:
Thursday, November 26, 2020
7:00pm – 8:30pm

There is no cost to attend.
Pre-register by Monday, November 23, 2020 to Melissa at (306) 825-5918 or email [email protected]

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