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Pocket Guide to Advocacy


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Profiles of employees in the community.

An Alberta company receives public acknowledgement for its commitment to employing individuals with developmental disabilities as one of Canada's 50 best managed companies.

Jose and his family come to Edmonton from Panama to undergo lifesaving surgery.

Sherill Jeffery is given a chance to prove her abilities and starts turning heads on campus.

A short clip on the value of Community Living and the difference inclusion can make in the community.

This international firm demonstrates its creativity in accommodating employees with developmental disabilities.
Stantec -

The story of a young man that helped rewrite organ donor laws all over the world.

This clip illustrates how inclusive education can benefit everybody.

Two sisters are brought back together after 50 years apart.


Inclusion Alberta has current subscriptions to several professional Journals, Magazines and Newsletters that are kept in the Reg Peters Library in the Edmonton office. These journals are available to the public for lending.


Click here to download a copy of the complete three part series on IQ testing.IQ Testing: A critique for parents of children with developmental disabilities by Bruce Uditsky.

Click here to download a copy of: Measuring Quality in Post-Secondary Inclusive Education: An Evaluation Tool


Darrell Cook Family Managed Supports Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is named in honour of Darrell Cook, a committed advocate who passed away in 2010. They assist Alberta families in becoming directly involved in managing services and supports for their family member with developmental disabilities through the Family Managed Supports (FMS) is a funding option.