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Engaging Families, Creating Good Lives

Through workshops and community conversations Inclusion Lloydminster brings together community members, individuals with intellectual disabilities, and their families to share information and talk about our hopes, dreams and fears. We do this to establish a shared vision for inclusion, and to work together to create opportunities for inclusive experiences as well as share a collective lens to be aware when people with intellectual disabilities are missing from community life. Through these sessions families have the opportunity to be connected to one another for peer support, and community members develop a deeper understanding of the needs, experiences and challenges facing individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Inclusion Lloydminster offer a vast array of information and support on a variety of topics (e.g. Meaningful Employment, Inclusive Education, Relationships & Recreation) through these sessions. Our purpose is to promote positive attitudes, educate families and community members, and create opportunities so that individuals with intellectual disabilities can live a life of dignity and respect with a true sense of belonging. By this we mean life comparable to what most citizens have when they are a part of an abundant and connected community that values all its members, which encompasses and includes the contributions and belonging of people with intellectual disabilities.

For more information regarding our upcoming sessions, please visit our Facebook page or contact our office:
(306) 825-5918

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