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Inclusive Recreation

Our community offers a broad array of recreational activities for children and adults, from soccer and baseball, dance lessons, music and art programs, to summer camps. The list is large, and many families take advantage of these opportunities. However, what seems ordinary for most individuals and parents is not typical for those who have a family member with disabilities. Individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families need a welcoming community open to their participation in community sport and recreation opportunities.

Our team is available to help individuals and families explore their interests and to assist organizations, groups, schools or municipalities become more inclusive and able to accommodate children and adults with disabilities, ensuring success for everyone.

The most frequently requested support by families who have a loved one with a disability is respite, which is simply defined as the temporary relief of the care of an individual with a disability.

Almost all families experience or seek temporary care of their children by others – from grandparents to babysitters to community clubs and activities. We do not refer to these experiences as “respite” because they are viewed as a normative and natural part of raising children, yet the outcome is the same: Parents are getting a break. It is the responsibility of the community-at-large assume to provide this support as it is to the advantage of families and the development of children.

Inclusion Lloydminster collaborates with community recreation providers to remove barriers from our community and promote awareness of how we can work together to improve supports and possibilities for children with developmental disabilities. We partner with community recreation providers to build their capacity to welcome and include children or adults with developmental disabilities. Community groups or organizations can make a huge difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities by letting individuals and families know all are welcome.

Long-Term Benefits

The ultimate outcome we hope for is an increase in the quality of life and recreation identities for individuals with developmental disabilities, which ultimately fuels deep and meaningful relationships with age-appropriate peers. The benefits of respite and recreation are substantial and well documented. These include: sustaining the integrity of the family; strengthening the family; preventing family breakdown; reducing the risk of abuse and neglect in the home; and creating natural sustainable networks of support that extend beyond the child’s youth and into adulthood. Additionally, this initiative increases the level of inclusion within local sport, culture and recreation programs and enhances the skill set of activity leaders and coaches to be inclusive.

If you have any questions about Inclusive Recreation or if you would like more information on how to get involved, please contact our office at 306-825-5918

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